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  • How much do I use?
    Each bottle of Anabolic Gro is designed for use on 2 acres of food plots. The seed coat can treat up to 50 lbs of seed, but to work it will need to be properly mixed so that surface contact is made with each seed. For the foliar treatment we recommend using a sprayer to evenly spray a small amount of solution onto each plant.
  • Do I need to test my soil?
    Anabolic Gro is not a fertilizer and will not improve the soil condition of your food plot. It may allow you to grow in less than adequate soil conditions, but the true benefits will not be achieved unless the soil itself is tested and optimized with PH treatments, nutrients, and fertilizers.
  • What will using Anabolic Gro do for my food plots?
    1. Your seeds will germinate faster with a higher percentage of active starts. 2. The root structure on your plants will be larger and better able to transport valuable nutrients from the soil into the plant. 3. Your plants will grow larger and will produce more plant sugars resulting in higher crop yields.
  • Is Anabolic Gro real? It sounds too good to be true....
    Trust us when we say we’ve heard this many times. Anabolic Gro is the real deal and there is simply nothing like it anywhere. Since launching we’ve had zero complaints and gained a passionate following of True Believers. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
  • Is Anabolic Gro RoundUp ready?
    We do not recommend applying Anabolic Gro at the same time as Round-Up as the PH levels of Round-Up are not conducive to proper distribution of Anabolic Gro. Round-Up can be applied to plants that have been treated with Anabolic Gro.
  • How does Anabolic Gro work?
    The microbes and enzymes within Anabolic Gro work collaboratively with the plant to create the optimum growing condition for the plant. Anabolic Gro stabilizes and maintains the plant’s PH level within the cell structure which in turn allows the plant to remain in the active Anabolic growth cycle throughout the day. This results in approximately 30-35% more grow time each and every day.
  • Is Anabolic Gro safe?
    Anabolic Gro is safe to use on any plant. It has been tested and approved for use by the USDA and is currently being certified organic. It is non-toxic, but we recommend taking proper precautions when handling to avoid spills or skin contact.
  • How often do I need to re-treat?
    Anabolic Gro is designed to replicate and live within the plant and should remain effective for the life of the plant. We recommend reapplying annually to allow any new natural growth plants to gain the benefit of Anabolic Gro.
  • What is Anabolic Gro?
    Anabolic Gro is a blend of naturally occurring microbes and enzymes scientifically formulated to enhance a plant’s natural growth cycle.
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