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How Does Anabolic Gro Work?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Anabolic Gro is backed by patent pending science, and is comprised of unique microbial strains that have demonstrated extraordinary effects on many plant species.

These microbial strains have delivered consistent yield and tonnage gains in a variety of wildlife attraction plants.

Our non-GMO product unlocks a plant’s natural ability to produce hormones and metabolites that influence growth and other critical factors to production.

Here's a few highlights:

  • Keeps plants growing longer during the day.

  • Helps plant get to maturity up to 14 days faster.

  • Creates bigger and better root mass, which increases the strength of the plant, and allows the plant to absorb even more of any available nutrients and produces larger and deeper root structure, producing a larger plant.

  • Increases the sugar content of any plant to out-compete your neighbor’s crop.

  • Helps plants become more resistant to damage from hail and foraging.

  • Crops applied with Anabolic Gro produce larger plants with higher sugar content—up to 25 - 50% higher. Larger plants containing higher levels of plant sugars: two key things wildlife seek out and crave.

Let's get planting!

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