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Seed Coat Application Guide


  1. Application equipment must be clean and free of previously used chemical residues before applying Anabolic Gro seed coat product.

  2. Shake product well or agitate prior to use.

  3. Mixing product with tank-mix partners: add the required water and add Anabolic Gro Seed Coat, Optional Binder, Optional Colorant and other tank mix-partners to the mix tank. Start and maintain constant mechanical and bypass agitation throughout the entire mixing and treating process.

  4. Accurate calibration of the application equipment and frequent checks of this calibration are recommended to ensure proper seed coverage.

  5. Uniform coating of the seed is necessary to insure proper efficacy.

  6. Depending on the type of seed treating equipment, a small amount of water can be added to the product to facilitate product flow through the spray nozzles. Do not exceed five (5) fluid ounces of water per one gallon of Anabolic Gro Seed Coat.

  7. Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity could have an effect on handling, especially during the drying of seed just after treatment.

Caution and Disclaimer

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