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Your Dream Hunt
Just Became Reality

Bag the buck of a lifetime,
with a bigger, better food plot

At Sportsman's Research, we're passionate about creating

organic, safe, and unique products that improve your

experience as a hunter. A better hunt means better memories,

and even better stories—we want to have a part

in your next big trophy!

Transform Your Food Plots

Every Anabolic Gro product is made up 
of a scientifically-proven, living microbial inoculate 
that produces bigger, stronger plants with exceptionally 
large yields and sugar content.

Our products target four key areas:

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Growth of larger root structure better able to transport nutrients from soil to plant.


Helps the growth of 
plant stems to reach high above the ground and maximize sunlight.

Optimized Photosynthesis

Optimized photosynthesis increases grow time by 30–35%  each and every day.


Helps plants mature and grow larger with more plant sugars resulting in higher crop yields.


USDA approved.png

USDA Approved

Trusted by Experts

Budget Friendly

How Anabolic Gro Works

If you're looking for better food plots, and a better hunting 
season as a result, Anabolic Gro is for you.

Listen in as Jeff Danker, Chancey Holdsworth, and Cole Cannon talk through the product, how it works, and how it benefits you.

Maximizing Your Food Plots with Anabolic Gro!
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Your Best Ever Food

Plot Starts Here

The game of survival is all about nutrition 
and the race to consume calories. Crops treated with Anabolic Gro produce plants 
with higher sugar contents—up to 25 - 50% higher. Your food plot will attract and hold game longer. Guaranteed.

Here's What Others Are Saying


Rick Taylor

Adding the Anabolic Gro seed coat to my food plot blend really made it stand out. The turkeys have found it as a preferable source of food over the neighboring hayfield without question. If you haven't used Anabolic Gro yet, check them out!