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Better Food Plots for a Better Hunting Season: BuckVentures Outdoors Announces New Partnership

A game-changer for hunters everywhere, BuckVentures Outdoors and Sportsman’s Research: Anabolic Gro have come together

BuckVentures Outdoors, a quality source of hunting entertainment, education, and resources, announced today the launch of a new partnership with Sportsman’s Research: Anabolic Gro. Anabolic Gro is a game-changing food plot enhancement product revolutionizing plant growth by enabling better root structure, larger plant bio-mass, and higher sugar content. Hunters who use it attract and hold more game on their property while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem on their land for high quality game management.

Anabolic Gro is currently available in a 2oz Seed Coat concentrate or a 16oz Foliar Spray application. The naturally occurring ingredients are non-GMO, non-toxic, and safe for handling and consumption, and are rooted in proven science, unlike other products with harmful chemicals, toxins, or genetically modifying ingredients. Sportsman’s Research utilizes 18 different patents in the formulations of its flagship Anabolic Gro product line.

“I am excited to announce a brand new partnership with Anabolic Gro. Basically a food plot booster, the all-natural enzymes in Anabolic Gro products give your plants an unbelievable boost that we believe will help hunters everywhere shoot a bigger buck,” says Jeff Danker of BuckVentures.

“We’re thrilled to partner together with our friends at BuckVentures to help get Anabolic Gro in the hands of as many hunters as we can,” says Todd Caron of Anabolic Gro. “We want every hunter to have the best possible hunting season and know that Anabolic Gro will play a large part in achieving that goal.”

Anabolic Gro products can be purchased at with a 10% discount when using the coupon code: BV10.

About BuckVentures: BuckVentures Outdoors was founded in 2003 on the motto "Shoot by Sight, Walk by Faith" based off 2 Corinthians 5:7. BVO strives to capture world class hunts all across the country while always giving God the glory. It's our mission to use our platform & passion for hunting to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere we go.

About Sportsman’s Research: Anabolic Gro: As lifelong hunters and outdoorsmen, founders George W. Dempsey and Todd Caron came together to improve conservation and food sources—the two keys to sustainable hunting. The team is passionate about creating organic, safe, and unique products that improve everyone’s experience as a hunter. A better hunt means better memories, and even better stories—we want to have a part in your next big trophy!

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