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At Sportsman's Research, we're passionate about creating organic, safe, and unique products that improve your experience as a hunter. A better hunt means better memories, and even better stories—we want to have a part in your next big trophy!


As lifelong hunters and outdoorsmen, founders George W. Dempsey and Todd Caron came together to improve conservation and food sources—the two keys to sustainable hunting. With this two-pronged goal, they set out to introduce products at the very beginning of the hunting cycle: food plots. Their thought was simple, if we start with the beginning of the cycle, we can begin to improve the entire hunting experience.

In our introductory debut, the Sportsman's Research team is proud to bring a fully-developed product line, with natural solutions for each stage of your food plot experience.


Every Anabolic Gro product is made up of a scientifically-proven, living microbial inoculate that produces bigger, stronger plants with exceptionally large yields and sugar content.

Our products target four key areas:

  • Root Generation

  • Optimized Photosynthesis

  • Stem Vascularization

  • Accelerated Maturity.

The game of survival is all about nutrition and the race to consume calories. Crops treated with Anabolic Gro produce plants with higher sugar contents—up to 25 - 50% higher. Your food plot will attract and hold game longer. Guaranteed.

Our products are patent pending, developed with proven, unparalleled science, and backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If you don't see faster plant germination, stronger plant growth, and higher yields we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Image by Faris Mohammed


Travelin' Hunter

"Anabolic Gro has taken my plots to another level of game attraction and increased the numbers of animals that use my farms by ten fold."

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