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Why should anyone use Anabolic Gro?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A game-changer for your food plots. If the sun is up and it’s daylight, your plants are going to be growing, period.

Discovered in the glacial lakes region of South Dakota, this naturally-occuring, patented blend of microbials and enzymes will completely change the way you think about plant growth.

Plants operate in two stages: anabolic and catabolic. During the anabolic stage plants are converting energy and CO2 into oxygen and sugars. During this cycle, the plant’s internal cell PH changes, eventually signaling the plant to stop actively growing so it can shift into the catabolic stage to allow for respiration and neutralization of the plants cell PH levels. Normally a plant can remain in the anabolic stage for about 65% of the total available light time.

Anabolic Gro changes this completely. The unique microbials work in collaboration with the plants to maintain proper cell PH levels which allows the plant to remain in the anabolic growth stage for the entire daylight period.

Plants with Anabolic Gro applied will get up to 35% additional grow time each and every day, resulting in larger plants that contain higher levels of plant sugars.

Is it natural? 100%. This product is approved as non-GMO and organic.

Is it safe? 100%. The microbials are intercellular within the plant and pose no risk to animal or human alike. Similar products are being used today in commercial agriculture for human and animal food.

Applying Anabolic Gro to your food plot is the single best thing you can do to increase your crop’s performance. Think of it as your personal secret weapon. You’ll be the envy of your hunting buddies and neighbors alike.

You will have the best food plot you’ve ever had, we guarantee it!

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